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Earthtest Energy
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Reducing the Heat Requirement

Whole Building Ventilation

The air in any building needs to be changed to maintain a healthy environment and to remove odours and moisture, but the air that goes out of the building is hot whilst the incoming air is often cold. In cold weather this necessary air change will take more heat out of the building than the total passing through the fabric of the building. To overcome this, we initially control the airflow using a whole building ventilation system of sufficient capacity to eliminate or at least minimise other means of ventilation. We can then go on to install a Heat Recovery System, as detailed below.

Heat recovery

By the installation of a heat recovery system to extract the heat from the exhaust air and to preheat the incoming air, we capture the escaping heat. By this means we can often halve the heating requirement of the building, whilst at the same time making the atmosphere in the building pleasant and healthy. Next Stage