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Earthtest Energy

Ground Source Heat Benefits Process → Assessment of Project Design → Reducing the Heating Requirement → Delivering the Warmth → Providing the Heat → Your Final Saving Frequently Asked Questions Case Histories

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Providing the Heat

Geothermal Heat Pump
Only when all the other issues have been resolved do we have the information necessary to start to specify and size the heat pump. The two prime objectives are to reduce heating bills and to reduce the carbon emissions caused by the operation of the heating system.

The efficiency of a heat pump is inversely proportional to the temperature difference between the ground source water and the heated domestic water. Therefore, we aim to have the source water as warm as possible and the heating water as cool as possible, whilst still ensuring that the building is warm and comfortable and there is adequate hot water.

Ground Loops
There are various methods of extracting heat from the ground, which are all discussed in our Geothermal Heating section. Next Stage