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Earthtest Energy

Ground Source Heat Benefits Process Frequently Asked Questions Case Histories

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Geothermal heat for commercial and industrial properties

Earthtest Energy's experienced team of Geologists and Mechanical Engineers provide comfortable warm properties.

They achieve this by managing the ventilation of your property in order to recover 90% of the heat, which can halve the heating requirement. Geothermal heat pumps can then be put in place to provide warm water for underfloor heating, installed in a thermal screed under the most suitable floor surface, which helps to provide efficiencies of 500%. In total we can save you up to 80% off your heating bills by providing a total solution.

Escalating energy costs and the increasing concerns of global warming dictate that alternative sources of energy must be considered by individuals, businesses and the government. We are here to provide you with that alternative source, at the same time as saving you money!

Geothermal heat - an alternative energy source

At Earthtest Energy we harness geothermal energy, which is heat from the ground that occurs naturally, as it is generated by forces within the earth that maintain a relatively constant temperature (usually 10°C to 12°C) at depths of 15 metres beneath the surface. Therefore, it is clean, green, environmentally friendly and sustainable. Plus, geothermal heat also has its advantages over shallow ground source heating, as this relies upon heat from the sun and is thus less efficient in winter.

To make use of geothermal energy we put in place geothermal heat pumps that draw the heat from the ground in order to heat buildings. This means that these pumps use less energy than conventional heating systems, in addition to being more efficient when cooling - for every kilowatt of electrical energy used five or more kilowatts of heat energy are produced.

Geothermal heat can then be removed from the ground by various methods, such as abstraction of water - open loop - or from an antifreeze mix (brine) – closed loop - passed through pipes within boreholes that have been sunk in to the ground. The warmth from the ground is captured in the groundwater or brine and is extracted by the heat pumps.

We also use other methods to support this process in order to make each property as efficient as possible. Therefore, Whole house ventilation is used to manage the airflow in to and out of a building, ensuring a healthy odour-free environment. With our system of heat recovery you can reduce the heating requirement by a half.

In addition, correctly installed Underfloor Heating can effectively heat a building using water at 30°C, thus enabling heating systems to operate at peak efficiency.

total solution, reducing heating costs and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.