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RHI Domestic is now available

Non Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive payments are already being paid and will double following the recent review.

Earthtest Energy secured the first ever Renewable Heat Incentive Accreditation from Ofgem for installation of a Ground Source Heat Pump system to heat an office conversion.
Under the Early Tariff Review published in May 2013 and ratified in December 2013, new systems accredited since 21st January 2013 will receive tariff payments of 8.7 pence per kilowatt hour for the first 15% of heatpump utilisation and 2.6 pence per kilowatt hour thereafter. Payments will made against metered heatpump output, will be inflation linked and will continue for twenty years. These new tariffs will apply to all heatpumps regardless of capacity. A 50kw heatpump can earn £125,000 in tariff payments.


In addition to commercial and retail properties, domestic properties which share a heatpump system will be eligible for the Non Domestic RHI. So a house with a granny flat would be eligible, as would a housing development drawing heat from a single borehole.  The new tariffs will also apply to schemes larger than 100kw.

Earthtest Energy

The rules for Non Domestic RHI are complex, talk to us about your project and we will propose the most cost effective solution.